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The Gospel Topics Explorer is a concordance of various LDS-related study helps, including the Bible Dictionary, Topical Guide, Guide to the Scriptures, Teaching by Topic and many others.

Entity enrichment has been added! Now you can see the important entities in your content and link them into the GTE graph.

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  • Ontology


Navigate the Gospel Ontology by zooming in anywhere among the 6,600+ connected topics, or click a node for more details. Focus on a given cluster of nodes or scroll back for the bigger picture.

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Search more than 11,000 topics, 23,000 relationshps and 67,000 facts by keyword, phrase or topic. Results are ordered by the number of relationships each topic contains and includes direct links to examples of the topic.

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Find relationships

Ever wonder what the relationship between sacrament and revelation is? Or how sacrifice and the atonement are connected?

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Find the topics, people, organizations and roles embedded in content. Just copy and paste some text into the form and the GTE will identify entities of interest.

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